Hi, my name’s James, but everyone calls me Kenny. I’m thirty-three years old, live in Northamptonshire, and I’ve worked as a freelance photographer since 2001. I love my job almost as much as I love my wife, two sons and Newcastle United.

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot photographic assignments in over fifty countries. I’ve shot everywhere from a radioactive ghost town in Ukraine to the rooftop of the world’s tallest building. While on commissions, I’ve hung out of a heli above the Canadian Rockies, dived the depths of the Caribbean and been arrested on suspicion of spying by Tunisia’s secret police (long story).

Over the years, I’ve practised many types of photography, but these days I tend to stick to what I’m best at and enjoy the most- shooting people or cars. Before you ask, I only work with commercial or editorial clients, so I’m afraid that I’m not the person to contact if you are looking to get some portraits of your kids or pet Chiuahua.

Through my travels and experiences, I’ve managed to learn a thing or two, which is why I regularly write for one of the UK’s biggest photography magazines and speak to students of photography at places o’ learnin’. I’m an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and believe deeply in community and helping others.

My clients hail from a wide range of industries- from banks, oil companies and airlines, to universities, car manufacturers and charities.

Peruse my portfolio, and if you like what you see, drop me an email. Just don’t send me to Tunisia.

Clients Include: DHL, Hewlett Packard, Audi, Monarch, Emirates, Mercedes Benz, Barclays, Northampton University, Avon, Fairline, Kier, Nissan and Intercontinental Hotels.